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Your donation to ICAD supports one of the world's leading centers for collaboration and education in fine arts and professional development for artists. ICAD has offered artists unique opportunities to explore their creativity, through exhibitions, workshops, arts education, community outreach, demonstrations, and special events. Your membership helps make these things possible.

Donor levels:

Donor: $35

Supporter: $75. (Supporters receive a free 8x10" print.)

Patron: $100. (Patrons receive a free 11x11" print.)

Associate: $250 (Associates receive a free 16x20" print.)

Sustaining Donor: $500 (Sustaining Donors receive a free framed 16x20" print.)

Benefactor: $1,000+ (Benefactors receive a free framed 20x24" print.)

To become a donor, simply fill out and send in a completed donor form, or email the following information to