ICAD 2011 New Member: Van T. Mai


Van Mai’s artworks reflect the bright side of the world.

Pictures, calendars, promotional materials for your business, children
books, and children items can be found at ICAD (by appointment only
through Dr. Blackwell).


We are created to share the world!
Through our short life spans on the earth,
There are many gifts that we fail to have
Since busy lives make us forget to take
Just a moment to discover the gifts
Of beauty, and peace, and truth!
To be sure you don’t miss the gifts,
I use my artistic heart, and mind, and humble soul
To discover the gifts from above
The gifts of peace, beauty, and truth!
And introduce them as my artworks to you.
I hope you find your inner peace,
I hope you find your pure heart,
And even your innocence past!

Van Mai