"Over the last 20 years, ICAD has developed projects and participated in arts projects around the world with countries located in Scandanavia, Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States. We create opportunities for phenomenal people-to-people projects in all parts of the world. As leaders in the development of international educational arts projects, we conceptualize and create opportunities that motivate and stimulate others to self actualization."

ICAD Director of Education, Sherman D. Taffel

Dr. Blackwell,
It is a delight to share with you my story of how your poetry workshop for young people inspired me, an older person to find a passion for writing not only poetry but non-fictional short stories.
My journey began the very day I attended your workshop with my daughter last year. I began writing so much that I have accumulated six manuscripts and already one manuscript has been reviewed by a book publisher in Pittsburgh, PA. I will have my first published book out within a few months and I have been published on several on-line poetry sites and inspirational journals. I am working on my Doctorate degree, majoring in Philosophy and am looking to start a new career in the teaching arena.
I give you and Ms. Joy Burke all the thanks for enabling me the opportunity to learn, discover and share my passion for the written word. Please continue these type of workshops to give children and adults the opportunity to create, discover and share.

Ms. Minta D. Davis

Dear Dr.Blackwell,
I am thankful that you gave me the opportunity to help build the ICAD gallery, Studio, and giftshop. I have enjoyed volunteering with ICAD for 2 1/2 years. Being disabled limited my employment opportunities. Providing volunteer services to help set up the ICAD facility gave me something to feel proud about. It made me feel useful, productive, and appreciated at a time when I needed the reassurance. I am glad that my services were appreciated and that you feel I helped ICAD to provide important artistic experiences and opportunities. So long.


Dear Dr. Blackwell,
Congratulations on the very successful completion of a three year effort to carry out the first arts exchange between the United States and Kazakhstan. Endeavors such as yours are vital to building strong and durable ties among nations and peoples. You have proven that one American citizen with expertise, vision and determination can make a lasting contribution to people-to-people diplomancy. Again, I congratulate you.

American Ambassador to Kazakhstan William Courtney

Dear Dr. Blackwell,
I 'd like to thank you for taking time out of your day to teach me the valuable skills of matting and framing. In addition, you have provided me the opportunity for great experience in the art field. Good Luck and thank you.

Will Glover

Dear Dr. Blackwell,
We want you to know how happy we are with the beautiful watercolor of our former home in Upper Marlboro. It is already hanging in our new living room and we are proud to show it to all who visit. It couldn't have been a more meaningful gift from our dear friends and especially since the Kaplans knew of you and your beautiful work. It will always be a treasure in our home and in our hearts/ Thank you so much for making it a reality.

Ruth & Bob Davis

Thank you so much for having the poetry and calligraphy workshop at Savage Mill. I'm glad those who came enjoyed the experience. Peace,

Linda Joy

I stopped by to say hello. I wanted to thank you again for the fine craftsmanship you provided me and let you know that my sister received the photo reproductions quite favorably. I will stop by another time. Best wishes,

Dick Costello

Dear Dr. Blackwell,
Thank you so much for the reference! I think I am lucky to have landed such a fun job so early on. Thank you for helping!


Dear Camellia,
I've had a great time at ICAD with you and Laura. I really enjoyed working at your studio. I've learned a lot there. Sincerely,

Kajin, 2004

Dear Dr. Blackwell,
Thank you so very much for featuring Mel Whitebird on Sat., March 10. Please let me know if there will be a series of workshops in the future about Cheyenne - Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma. Thank you again. All the best to you and ICAD. Sincerely,

Susan, 2001